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Tips & Tricks for Improving Stability

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Struggling with stability in your epic surf ski? Well you are not alone – so we have come up with 8 tips to help you become more stable on the water.


  1. Paddle Stroke: The key to a good paddle stroke is making sure you get the blade out cleanly and not too late in the stroke (think about pulling it out at the knees to ensure it is out at the hip).
  2. Paddle Length: The length of the paddle is often overlooked as a factor in stability. Be sure to start with a shorter paddle (210 or shorter). This will allow you to achieve a higher cadence which will improve stability.
  3. Paddle Grip: Make sure you are keeping your hands wide enough on the paddle. We recommend placing your pinky finger 2-3 finger widths from where the blade tape reaches up the paddle shaft.
  4. Heel pressure: Make sure your stroke side heel is driving into the footboard.  As soon as the pressure if off on one heel, it should be transferred to the other.
  5. Seat Pads: If your stability is solid on flat water, use seat pads to challenge yourself more on flat water and then remove them when it gets rough.
  6. Footboard length: If your knees are too high, play around with extending your footboard length as lowering the knees will help with stability.
  7. Chin Up: Keeping your chin up at the horizon will help improve your posture and thus your stability.
  8. Elbows down: If you are feeling that you are losing stability - dropping your elbows will help you regain it.

If you’ve tried all of the above, and still can’t make progress in your stability, then fell free to book in a lesson with our experienced team down in Rushcutters Bay.

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