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When in doubt, legs out

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One of the biggest challenges that any new paddler faces is stability - it’s the necessary foundation to becoming a competent paddler. When it comes to improving in our sport, there is one tip that stands out above the rest.   


Sound elegantly simple? That’s because it is. The beauty of this tip is that it always applies. 

You can do this anytime, anywhere and in any situation when you absolutely have to be stable.  It’s not only a skill for beginners.  It applies from your first time in a surf ski with no wind and swell; right up to your umpteenth time in a surf ski, when you’re padding in 30knots of wind. 

When an urgent or critical situation requires immediate stability, you must throw both your legs out over the side and squeeze.  At the same time, you use your paddle to brace.  With your legs out, you are 100% stable.

You should aim to use this skill every time you go paddling. From when you launch, or need to attach your leash, or wait for a fellow paddler.  You can also use it in emergencies, when you feel unstable and might fall out. 

Ultimately, you should aim to make this incredible tip it an instinctive action, you’ll thank us later.

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