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Nordic Squall 540



The Squall 540 is the shorter version of the 580.

Why two lengths? 

To ensure that you can be provided with the best surf ski for the type of paddling you are doing. Generally, if you are a lighter person you can benefit of a shorter hull and vice versa if you are a bigger person you can benefit from the longer hull. But it also comes down to your own preferences and what characteristics you like. How you want your ski to behave in different conditions. Even storage space is a factor when choosing a ski.

If you are 95 kg and 2 m in height, your natural option would be a longer hull and if you are 60 kg 160 cm you would likely choose the shorter and anything in between is a person choice. If you are a bigger build and choose the shorter hull it will sit slightly deeper in the water, with the opposite for the lighter person choosing the longer hull, you will sit slightly higher in the water.

As with the Squall 580, whether you are an inner harbour paddler or open ocean paddler, the 540 delivers outstanding performance and agility.

It has the same precise steering as the 580, is extraordinary with its ability to change direction and its agility and speed belies its mid range stability. It is easier to remount than most and has a wide comfortable seat.

Whether you want to cruise at good pace in the harbour or hit high speeds in the bump, the 540 and 580 provide an added opportunity to customise your choice even further for the perfect paddling experience.


Length: 5.40 m
Width: 49 cm
Cockpit length: 155 - 195 cm
Capacity: 50 - 90 kg

Details and Pricing:

Exrcize Carbon Hybrid  $4,795

  • Weight: 13 kg*
  • Unique autoclave and prepreg technique
  • Composite of prepreg UD carbon & UD fibreglass
  • High quality PVC foam core
  • White polyurethane finish

Exrcize Carbon Lite  $5,795

  • Weight: 9.6 kg*
  • Unique autoclave and prepreg technique
  • 100% UD prepreg carbon construction
  • High quality PVC foam core
  • White polyurethane finish

Carbon X  $6,395

  • Weight: 8.9 kg*
  • Unique autoclave and prepreg technique
  • 100% UD prepreg carbon construction
  • High quality PVC foam core
  • White polyurethane finish

Standard outfitting

  • Easy adjust carbon footplate
  • deBrito foot manoeuvred bailer - the most efficient on the market!
  • Carry handles front & back
  • Carbon carry handle in the cockpit sides
  • Anchor point for leg leash
  • Bike bottle holder with NK sports bottle in cockpit
  • NK/deBrito rudder control wheel for optimal steering control
  • Packing on aft deck
  • Race rudder
* Please note: Weights are approximate and may vary.
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